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Book Cover Between White and Grey by Caleb Wachter

Disclaimer: This is a Novella-length, Origins story for the Sphereworld series Joined at the Hilt.

The Blades of Destiny have waged a cold war against one another for seven Illuminations, but each time they have met in battle the result has always been a stalemate.

This is the story of when Dan'Moread, an intelligent sword crafted of star metal and possessing a mysterious past, teamed with Rimidalv the White Blade to defeat a tyrant who calls himself the Storm Lord. Together with Kanjin and Ser Cavulus, Dan'Moread's and Rimidalv's respective wielders, they drove the army of Stormborn behind the walls of the Storm Fort built against the slopes of Mount Gamour.

The events at, and beneath, Mount Gamour will shake the foundation of everything Dan'Moread once believed to be true...and the aftershocks will be felt throughout Sphereworld for years to come.

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Between White and Grey

(Sphereworld: Joined at the Hilt: Origins Book 1)

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Learn about events from the intelligent sword, Dan'Moread’s past in Between White and Grey, an origins story novella in the Sphereworld: Joined at the Hilt coming of age sword and sorcery fantasy series by Caleb Wachter!