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A World Class Riposte (commentary on Breitbart’s ‘Black Panther’ film review)

I’m no partisan.  I lean to the right in general, but I’m as dyed-in-the-wool of a Classical Liberal as you’re likely to encounter.  I care about individual liberty and sovereignty above all else, just like Thomas Jefferson did (and, yes, I too would have made the Louisiana Purchase even though…

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Chimera Adjustment: Mors Prodetores Sneak Peek – Prologue: Shu, Meet Foot

Prologue: Shu, Meet Foot Shu had stowed away aboard the freighter for three days, hiding in an apparently abandoned life support closet as the ship bearing the rare minerals made its way to wherever it was bound. Shu had instigated the plan to board the freighter, knowing she had no…

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