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#NoConfederate, and Intellectual Laziness


So I was scrolling through Twitter today and came a cross a new(ish?) hashtag campaign: #NoConfederate.  I’m not what you’d call a history buff, but the American Civil War does intrigue me from a variety of perspectives.  I even opted to incorporate elements of it in one of my science fiction series’, The Chimera Adjustment, though I wasn’t exactly going for point-by-point parallels.


But I started looking at this hashtag, #NoConfederate, which I needed to research in order to understand what it was even about.  A few minutes later, I knew that it was a protest movement against the HBO series, Confederate, which is slated to air sometime after I likely post this article.


Scrolling down the hashtag’s twitter feed, I was inundated with the following:



Now, most of these are your standard ‘Let’s build some energy about a hot button subject!’ type of posts.  But the ones that caught my eye were those which referred to de-platforming and de-funding a television show before its first episode has even aired.  Think about that for a second.


Are these people really that scared of new information, perspective, and possibilities?  As I’ve said before, people who burn books are lazy and afraid.  Without knowing anything about this new television show apart from what the hashtag has exposed me to, my question is this:


If people who burn books are lazy and stupid, how do we describe people who prevent books from being written–or TV shows from being aired–in the first place?


The only answers I can come up with chill me to the bone.

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  1. Yeah that’s pretty nasty. Can’t even wait to see if something is bad before burning it. I hated the title so you’re a racist, bigot, adhominin.

    The Deposed King

    • This is what political correctness (or any other system which encourages castigation of those guilt of ‘wrong-think’) does to people.

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