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Th’ Eternal King

A snippet of content from upcoming books 😉

And then he’ll come, th’ Eternal King.

Liberty, steel, and laws he’ll bring.

He’ll free our eyes and minds to see

not what now is, but what might be.


Against his might they’ll band togeth’r;

their storm of fear, for us, he’ll weath’r.

A eulogy writ in blood and stars

r’minds all free men: his path is ours.


We’ll reach the Ice on ships ‘thout sails,

beyond—nay, through—the Riv’r’s travails.

A god’s death rattle doth make known:

th’ Eternal King resumes his throne.”

Published in'A House Divided' TrilogyBooksClassical LiberalismCultureFree SpeechFreedomPreview Chapters

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