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The First Middleton’s Pride Boxed Set Is Live!

Genesis: The First Middleton’s Pride Trilogy in one boxed set is now available on Amazon–click the image below to go to the product page!


For any fans who have already read Middleton 1-3, I (once again) ask you to leave reviews on this boxed set’s product page.  It seems that Amazon won’t migrate your old reviews over to the boxed set’s page; I just finished a back-and-forth with Amazon Customer Support (which was helpful, as usual, even if they didn’t give me the answer I was looking for) and they assured me that boxed sets require new reviews to be submitted in order to appear on the product page.

Without reviews, the product page won’t look attractive enough for advertisers to promote.  The magic number, according to certain internet marketing wizards, appears to be around forty reviews before an ebook’s ‘attractiveness’ rises high enough to make a significant difference.

So for any of you who have not yet read these books, but are interested in them, leave a comment below this article, message me on facebook, or write me an email and I’ll figure out how to send you a free copy (which Amazon allows me to do in the event that you agree to leave an honest review in exchange for the free copy).

Let’s launch this boxed set and build the Spineward Sectors fan community!

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