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How Stupid Do We Look, George Clooney?

virtue signalling


This is going to be brief.  The Harvey Weinstein scandal is dominating the internet these days, and for good reason.  Someone with that much power over people, abusing said power in destructive ways over some of the more vulnerable members of his company, deserves to be drummed out of town.


Which brings us to Mr. Clooney.


He claims he knew nothing, further going on to say, “Whoever had that story and didn’t write it should be held responsible.”


Ever look in a mirror?


If you were going to envision the idealized Hollywood Insider, who would it look like?  Mickey Rourke?  Robert Downey, Jr.?  No, it would look like George Clooney.


I don’t care that his next movie has a horrifyingly bad tomatometer rating, which is almost certainly the reason he’s employing this inane tactic (virtue-signalling does so well for publicity these days, no?).  I don’t even care that, as John Nolte over at Breitbart suggests, Clooney has failed to star in or direct any truly historic film during his career.  Don’t get me wrong, From Dusk Till Dawn was a great little film, as was The Perfect Storm, but neither one belongs on the next capsule we send out of the solar system as an immortal record of our highest art.


I care that George Clooney thinks we’re all stupid.


More importantly, I care that people who exist (exclusively due to our ongoing grace) in George Clooney’s tier of society think we’re all stupid.


George Clooney got his start at Miramax, Weinstein’s film company (the same one that launched Matt Damon and Ben Affleck with Good Will Hunting).  Weinstein’s companies have made some truly stellar products, and much of their catalogue could warrant inclusion in the aforementioned space capsule headed beyond our Solar System.  I’m not trying to slander everyone by association; that is not my intent in the least.  I simply want everyone to think clearly about this question: is it possible that a twenty year employee of Mr. Weinstein’s, like George Clooney, would not have known about this ongoing scandal?


I’m not even castigating Clooney for not adhering to his own demand that he, almost certainly knowing about the situation(s), make the details public knowledge.  I don’t blame people for looking the other way, even in terrible situations, because we’re all just human.  Each of us has a plate full of problems, and sometimes the biggest ones we can see just seem too daunting to deal with–or they seem too dangerous to tackle at any given moment.  So I’m not saying Clooney is morally deficient for not intervening in some meaningful fashion.


I’m saying that he wants to have his cake and eat it, too, and that we should never allow people like him to do that.  He made his multi-million dollar bed pretending to be other people for our pleasure, and now he gets to lie in it.  I’m sure he’ll sleep better tonight than I have in decades, which is fine.  I’m happy for his success.  But he doesn’t get to claim, in big bold letters on front page articles, that he didn’t know about Weinstein’s proclivities, without getting called out on it by (extremely little) people like me.  And you know what?  That’s the only way this will ever work: if people like you and me stand up and reject such absurd claims wherever we find them.  And do you know why it’s up to us?


Because the Big People, like other actors or media personalities who have enough power to do something about it but who fear for their careers if they cross him, are all too afraid to call people like Clooney out–just like he was too afraid of Mr. Weinstein.

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  1. makes me almost want to get back online and catch up on the news…. almost. Good article.

    • It’s not really that interesting of a story, truth be told, it’s just EVERYWHERE so I thought I’d put my $0.02 in. “Powerful man used his power to gain sexual access to young, attractive women in possibly illegal fashion” is hardly Earth-shaking news. That’s why I took the angle I did; I’m not really that interested in Weinstein’s actions, I’m interested in sniping down people who are trying to leverage the situation to their own gain A SECOND TIME.

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