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About Me

Thanks for visiting my page!  I’m an indie science fiction & fantasy author with 15 titles e-published as of mid-2017.  I’ve worked with my brother, Joshua Wachter, in the Spineward Sectors universe, and I’ve also worked with Chris Nuttall in the Imperium Cicernus shared universe.  I tend to prefer writing fantasy, but I’ve written at least twice as much sci-fi as fantasy; apparently I’m a slave to my muse.


I’m hoping this blog will be a place where I can interact with like-minded authors, readers who enjoy my work, and anyone else who finds my thoughts and musings of interest.


  1. Norman J Hirschman Norman J Hirschman

    I justed reading Seeds of the Cobalt Heresy and thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot use Amazon to purchase any books butn would like to read the 2nd book

    • Hi, Norman 🙂 Thanks for leaving such a warm comment!

      The Cobalt Heresy was the first fiction project I ever undertook, and after getting about 65% finished with it life hit me kind of sideways so I haven’t had a chance to get back and finish it.

      There are two full-length novels e-published on Amazon right now, titled Revelation (Book One) and Reunion (Book Two), and I’ve written four or five novellas in that story as well (including the novella, The Price of Enlightenment Part One, which you’ve already read). The second novella is ready to go, and I’ll fire you over a copy via email right now!

      Also be sure to stay tuned to my newsletter for upcoming promotions and giveaways 🙂

      Once again, thanks for the warm message!

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