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Quote: Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

This one’s origin is somewhat difficult to pin down, with the usual source listed as an unattributed Chinese Proverb.  But the most comprehensive investigation I’ve encountered, which incorporates the reason for the above attribution, suggests it was first penned in 1907 by William L. Watkinson. To me, this one is…

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Google, Intolerance, and Competition (or a perceived lack thereof)

So I wrote an article recently describing the so-called ‘Google Anti-Diversity Screed’ which, apparently, caused quite the dust-up in Google’s headquarters.  It seems the author of the well-thought-out memo which set this whole thing into motion has now been fired by Google for ‘promoting gender stereotypes.’  If I’m reading the…

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The ‘Google Anti-Diversity Screed’ Memo–or, more accurately, my comment on a Google VP’s position on it.

So I came across this gem today whilst crawling through Twitter.  I first found out about this story from a linked piece at the National Review, which had a pretty intriguing quote from Google’s “Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance,” excerpted near the bottom, which I’ll provide here:  …