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Google, Intolerance, and Competition (or a perceived lack thereof)

So I wrote an article recently describing the so-called ‘Google Anti-Diversity Screed’ which, apparently, caused quite the dust-up in Google’s headquarters.  It seems the author of the well-thought-out memo which set this whole thing into motion has now been fired by Google for ‘promoting gender stereotypes.’  If I’m reading the…

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The ‘Google Anti-Diversity Screed’ Memo–or, more accurately, my comment on a Google VP’s position on it.

So I came across this gem today whilst crawling through Twitter.  I first found out about this story from a linked piece at the National Review, which had a pretty intriguing quote from Google’s “Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance,” excerpted near the bottom, which I’ll provide here:  …


Migration Day!

No, this isn’t a politically-charged post about geopolitically-driven migration patterns…although, now that I think about it, maybe it should be? Nah, never mind.  This is just a quick post about how I’m migrating my content over from the free WordPress version of this blog to the blog now hosted on…

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