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Book cover Lynch's Legacy by Caleb Wachter

With a mounting sense of urgency, McKnight and her crew assume command of the archaic warship, Rainbow, and embark on their most dangerous mission yet.  To this point her crew has fought against Imperial tyranny solely in the Spineward Sectors—but now, after taking up a century-old plan hatched by the enigmatic Lynch, they’re taking the battle to the very heart of the Empire of Man.

Standing in their way are their most devious and calculating foes yet, who will stop at nothing to prevent McKnight and her people from achieving their objective.  And with seemingly as many enemies within as without, can McKnight overcome the odds and drive a stake through the beating heart of the Empire before her adversaries gain a decisive advantage?

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Lynch's Legacy: A House Divided, Book 2

(Spineward Sectors: Middleton's Pride Book 6)

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Join Lieutenant McKnight as she leads the warship Rainbow, bringing the battle straight to the heart of The Empire of Man in Lynch's Legacy, Book Six in the long-running Spineward Sectors: Middleton's Pride military space opera series by Caleb Wachter!