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Caleb Wachter's Privacy Policy:

To access some of the features and areas of my website, I will ask for certain contact information (name, birth date, email address, etc..) which I will then use to effectively deliver the services provided here.  I will not sell or distribute your contact information to a third party under any circumstances, since privacy is one of the few freedoms we (still, as of 9/11/2017) enjoy and I happen to value freedom more than the average person.  I might provide you with opportunities to connect with other authors or artists who I think may be of mutual interest, but such opportunities will be few and far between (no more than three or four per year is my best guess at this point) since I'm not that social of a guy and don't tend to make a lot of friends.  But the friends I do make, I keep for a long, long time, and I'm hoping our relationship, limited though it may be, follows that same pattern.