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Book cover Reunion by Caleb Wachter

Following the fateful events on the deck of the Black Ranger, House Wiegraf's youngest wizard must contend with an ever-growing cast of adversaries—with Arch Magos Rekir 'Crimson' Tyrdren seemingly at the heart of it all.

With a cascade of shocking revelations which thankfully provide a clear course of action, but do little little else to clarify the situation, the frail wizard must navigate the dangerous politics of the Imperial City as his foe's all-encompassing grasp seeks to crush him—and all those near him.

Desperate to be reunited with the only person he can truly trust in his strange, new world, he must first set out to rid himself of a dark passenger - one who would betray them all to the very forces they would escape. He must then travel the skies in search of prophecy, attempt to reason with his former enemy, and face the fury of a mad say nothing of dealing with increasingly impatient in-laws.

With a seemingly endless series of tests barring the path to freedom, his fate and the fate of those around him may indeed be decided by a reunion...but perhaps not the reunion he expects.

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(Seeds of Humanity: The Cobalt Heresy Book 2)

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Find out what Jezran will do next in his quest for freedom in Revelation, Book Two in Seeds of Humanity: The Cobalt Heresy sword and sorcery metaphysical fantasy series by Caleb Wachter!