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Book cover Revelation by Caleb Wachter

On a distant world, across the vast river of time, the Journeyman High Wizard known at Jezran 'Cobalt' Wiegraf finds himself ensnared within a web of politics, intrigue, mystery, and lies—not the least of which has to do with his true identity, which he has hidden from everyone including his new Master.

Wanting nothing but to escape an oppressive Imperial regime which holds the entire world in its iron fist, Jezran's attempted exodus from the Imperial City will have unintended detours for the young wizard and his entourage.

Surrounding by 'allies' like Aemir the Desert Knight, Dancer the Half-Man, and Pi'Vari, House Wiegraf's Herald, he finds himself wondering if he can truly trust any of them...but he also knows it will be impossible to survive without their help.

Before long he finds himself face-to-face with an enemy seemingly plucked from the depths of his worst nightmares, and it will take every possible resource at his disposal to survive each deadly encounter with this dark, implacable foe.

As the noose tightens around him and the paths of escape are cut off one by one, the Journeyman High Wizard will be confronted with a revelation which will set in motion a sequence of increasingly dangerous events - events which antiquity may one day come to know as:

The Cobalt Heresy

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(Seeds of Humanity: The Cobalt Heresy Book 1)

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Discover how Jezran attempts to escape from The Imperial City’s grasp in Revelation, Book One in Seeds of Humanity: The Cobalt Heresy sword and sorcery metaphysical fantasy series by Caleb Wachter!