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Book cover Sic Semper Tyrannis by Caleb Wachter

The destruction of H.E. One and the Massacre at Philippa were only the opening salvos in the war for the Chimera Sector, and now Jericho and Masozi must race against time to execute the most significant Adjustment in the Sector's history since the conclusion of the Forge Wars two centuries earlier.

But before they can take up arms in accordance with the First Right, they will need to submit to a tribunal conducted by their peers which will determine their readiness to play their part in putting an end to the chaos. If they fail, the situation will spiral out of control and the outcome may plunge the Sector a dark abyss from which it might never emerge.

Even if they successfully navigate the tribunal, they will need to call on allies both new and old in order to stand a chance of discharging their duty.

Battle lines will be drawn throughout the Sector, and everything Jericho and Masozi do while pursuing the Blanco Adjustment will have a widespread impact on shaping the forces which will compete for the Sector's future. Will it be enough to safeguard their fellow citizens' freedom, or will the erosive forces of tyranny succeed in destroying the very mechanisms which have provided for the Sector's unthinkable success after the wormhole's collapse?

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Sic Semper Tyrannis

(The Chimera Adjustment, Book 2)

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See how Jericho handles the most critical Adjustment for the Sector in Sic Semper Tyrannis, Book Two of Imperium Cicernus: The Chimera Adjustment, a suspenseful galactic empire technothriller series by Caleb Wachter!