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Book cover Union by Caleb Wachter

Randall’s often miserable life as a half-elf in a Federation-controlled city is turned upside-down when a mysterious, magical sword comes into his possession—but little does he know that sword will fast become his truest friend, and their adventures together will re-shape the face of Sphereworld.

From the streets of Three Rivers to the peaks of the Binding Chain mountain range, they will come face to face with some of the best—and worst—elements of civilization in a world teetering on the brink of total war.  On one side of that looming strife is the Federation, a totalitarian civilization which seems bent on total world domination.  On the other side are the ancient elves known as ‘Ghaevlians,’ who are not yet ready to concede defeat in the ongoing struggle for dominance in a world where the sun never touches the horizon.


Caught in the middle is everyone and everything not pledged to that confrontation—including our unlikely heroes.

Can they stave off the forces of tyranny, fascism and bigotry long enough to find some quiet corner of the world for themselves, or will they be embroiled in this budding conflict?

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(Sphereworld: Joined at the Hilt Book 1)

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Follow Randall as he makes an unlikely friendship, kicking off an adventure which will alter the fate of his lands in Union, Book One of the Sphereworld: Joined at the Hilt coming of age sword and sorcery fantasy series by Caleb Wachter!