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Book cover Up the Middle by Caleb Wachter

After resupplying at Fleet HQ, Captain Middleton and the Pride of Prometheus’ crew are sent back with orders in hand to secure a game-changing tactical advantage for the Multi-Sector Patrol Fleet.  

New crew are brought aboard, old crew are reassigned across the MSP, and before long Middleton & Co. run headlong into their Imperial adversaries.

With skill, information, and technological deficits to overcome, the Pride’s crew will need to simplify their plan of attack on these would-be Imperial interlopers if they want to carry the day—which is why Middleton opts for the simplest attack plan of all:

Hit ‘em hard, fast, and straight up the middle!

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Up The Middle

(Spineward Sectors: Middleton's Pride Book 2)

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Join the Pride of Prometheus' crew in Up the Middle, Book Two in the long-running Spineward Sectors: Middleton's Pride military space opera series by Caleb Wachter!